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Site selection specialists nationally appreciate West Virginia’s reasonable utility prices, and Webster County is no exception. Whether you’re looking for affordable high-speed Internet or low-cost electric, local utility providers can assist you.


  • Frontier Communications provides telecommunications and data services including high-speed internet connectivity. DSL service is available to nearly all areas of the county.

Website: Frontier.com or Frontier.com/plans-pricing

Residential Customers 800-921-8101
Business Customers 800-921-8102

  • HughesNet offers satellite internet service.

Phone 877-863-7652

Website: Hughesnet.com

  • Lumos Networks provides data, broadband, voice and IP services

Phone 800-320-6144

Website: LumosNetworks.com

  • Shentel (Shenandoah Telecommunications) offers high-speed internet, telephone and cable television services to business and residential customers.

Website: www.shentel.com

Residential Customers 800-SHENTEL
Business Customers 866-832-3556

  • ViaSat, Inc, provider of Exede and WildBlue satellite internet services, 349 Inverness Drive South, Englewood CO 801122

Direct call 404-500-3356

Websites: ViaSat IncExede Satellite Internet (www.exede.com)

  • DIRECTV through Directpackages.com provides high speed internet and telephone services

Website: www.directpackages.com/directv-with-internet.html

Toll Free 877-798-6070



Monongahela Power provides electricity in Webster County with competitive rates and the capacity to serve most residential and industrial needs.
Contact 800-255-3443.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is not available, however, several local distributors provide LP gas and fuel oil for heating and other needs. Contact the Development Authority for more information.


West Virginia-American Water Company 800-685-8660
Cowen Public Service District 304-226-3541
Town of Camden on Gauley 304-742-5280